Daniel Beard, PhD

Director, Center for Computational Medicine, Dept of Physiology BBC

P: (414) 955-5752 | F: (414) 955-6568 | E: beardda[at]gmail.com

DanielBeard, PhD
Group Members:
  • Scott Bugenhagen (Physiology)
  • Michael Moxley


Specialization: Computational Bioengineering

Virtual Physiological Rat Project

The Computational Bioengineering Group is a part of the Biotechnology and Bioengineering Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Our broad goals include the development of computational technology for predicting and analyzing the behavior of biological systems and guiding engineering-based manipulations of biological systems.

Research Interests and Projects:

  1. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics in biochemical networks
  2. Mass transport and microvascular exchange in physiological systems
  3. Physiological and pathophysiological regulation of metabolism
  4. Biophysics of supramolecular complexes

Supports for Research:

  1. Integrated Modeling of Cardiac Metabolism and Transport (R01-HL072011)
  2. Constraint-Based Analyses of Large-Scale Biochemical Systems (R01-GM068610)
  3. MSM Multiscale Modeling of the Heart in Cardiovascular (1R01EB005825-01)